Kate Haley is a senior at North Central College where she studies English Writing and Organizational Communication. When she is not spouting off random facts about anything and everything, she fills her time with reading copious amounts of books and writing novels that will hopefully become best-sellers (or at the best, sellers).

Kaitlin Koncilja is a senior at North Central College majoring in Psychology and Japanese. She enjoys video editing, Netflix, and writing poetry. She hopes to work in criminal research while still finding time for her other passions.

Kevin Deiber is a senior at North Central studying English and speech communication. He is currently writing his first full-length play which the college will produce in January 2019. After graduation he hopes to publish his writing anywhere that will take it.

Maya “Clover” Rothman is a senior at North Central College. She is a Philosophy major, and an English minor. She enjoys writing poetry, Persian food, and being happy. She is a mental health advocate and strives to make the world a better place. She also adores her cat.

Lisa Stegeman is a senior student at North Central College in Naperville, IL. She is an English Studies major with a focus in creative writing. She enjoys writing and performing music, reading, watching movies, and hiking. She intends to become a writer and editor after college. 

Tiara Hawkins is a senior at North Central College majoring in English degree with a minor in East Asian Studies. When she is not in school or working, she enjoys reading, binging Netflix shows, and playing with her pet chinchillas and rabbit. She aspires to travel and share her experiences with the world.