Merrick Ramza is a junior at North Central College, studying English and Secondary Education with a minor in Film and Screen Studies, and is the senior editor for 30N. Merrick is a weirdo who enjoys mysteries, art of all forms and the human mind. Merrick is ready for a new wave of submissions and creativity to ponder and question with his excellent crew.

Elle Fortman is a senior at North Central College, majoring in English Writing, double minoring in Spanish and TESOL, and is co-editor for 30 North. After college, she intends on pursuing a career in technical writing and editing. She enjoys the simpler things in life: her America’s National Park Commemorative Quarters Collection, taking care of her plants, and finding doppelgängers of her friends.

Rana Hussain is a Junior at North Central College, majoring in Computer Science (B.S) and minoring in English Writing. After graduation, she hopes to pursue a career in Cyber-Security. She is a cat person and will pet every cat she sees. She can write in three languages, and speak in four languages.

Patrick Wood is a senior at North Central College. His major is studies in writing. His hobbies include reading books from a variety of genres and watching different films from the classic to the modern, and taking a walk to observe nature.

Claire Vail is an English Major with a Film and Screen Studies Minor. A creative, unique, and very loud individual, Claire plans to become a professional writer and work at a publishing company to help other writers publish their own works as well. She loves Dragons and is currently working on an independent studying regarding the image and symbolism of the Dragon in Literature and Film.

Adam Volles is a senior at North Central College majoring in Graphic Design and have a Studio Arts Minor. He enjoys playing video games, playing badminton, magic the gathering, and he always enjoyed hanging out with his friends doing whatever.  After college he plans on getting a job as a graphic designer.

Jessica Shubert is a senior at North Central College majoring in English with a writing focus. Professionally, this is because she is a writing coach at College of DuPage, and she wants to get better at helping other students. Personally, this is also because she is a writer of several published and unpublished novels and shorter works, generally of the fantasy or science-fiction variety. She collects spoons.

Jennifer McCully is a senior at North Central College. You can call her by Jenny or Gen. She is a transfer student from College of Dupage, and is majoring in Graphic Design with a minor in Psychology. She has a twin brother but he does not attend North Central College.

Thom Hayes is a senior at North Central College, majoring in English with a creative writing focus, and is currently the treasurer for 30 North. After college, he plans to attend graduate school and hopefully pursue a career as a professional writer. In his free time, he enjoys writing horror stories, taking long walks, and writing songs on his guitar.

Zoe Ellis is a freshman at North Central College majoring in Writing with a creative writing focus. She plans to keep writing after college and publish books. She has previously been in a literary festival where she got first place on a short fiction story she wrote, and went to a state competition for journalism. She likes to write a variety of different genres, and her favorite type of genre is fantasy.

Madysen Nardi is a senior at North Central College studying Graphic Design. She is passionate design and film photography. In her free time, she enjoys staying active, reading, and giggling with her twin sister, Wynter. Madysen dreams to become a graphic/motion designer in a hip creative studio.

Jaidene Samiec is a senior at North Central College studying Interactive Media Studies with a minor in Film and Screen Studies. A color that best represents her is #96B3D1 but someday hopes to be more like #224F5E. She wishes she had a Russian Blue cat named Zucchini (Zucchi for short). But for now she is okay with her pet fish, Falkor.

Tiara Hawkins is a Senior at North Central College with a major in English writing and a minor in East Asian Studies. When she is not in school or working, she enjoys reading, binging Netflix shows, and playing with her pet kitten and chinchilla. She dreams of working in the publishing industry and to write inspiring, gritty tales.

Claire Katsion is a senior majoring in English writing at North Central College. Passionate about psychology, mental health, and identity, they write novels about the human experience and dream of being published. Claire hopes to spread more awareness about 30N on campus and to encourage more North Central students to submit.

Nikki Campbell is a junior at North Central College, majoring in English literature with a focus in creative writing. She is a mother to two teenage boys. When not spending time with them, she enjoys reading, writing, and attending concerts. She hopes to dabble in various areas of writing, including: technical, fiction, and freelance.

Carly Dagen majors in English (Writing Concentration) and Psychology at North Central College, and is slated to complete her undergraduate studies in December, 2019. An active member of the campus community, Carly has participated in four years of athletics at North Central and sat on the Student Political Panel in 2018. In her spare time, Carly enjoys writing poetry and performing self-written songs. Carly has accepted a position on the Proposal Writing Team at Blue Cross Blue Shield of Illinois and will begin her employment in January, 2020.