Merrick Ramza is a junior at North Central College, studying English and Secondary Education with a minor in Film and Screen Studies, and is the senior editor for 30N. Merrick is a weirdo who enjoys mysteries, art of all forms and the human mind. Merrick is ready for a new wave of submissions and creativity to ponder and question with his excellent crew.

Rana Hussain is a Senior at North Central College, majoring in Computer Science (B.S) and double minoring in English Writing and Mathematics. She is also the co-editor for 30 North. After graduation, she hopes to pursue a career in Cyber-Security. Her three favorite things are Taylor Swift, New Girl and Cats.

Claire Vail is an English Major with a Film and Screen Studies Minor. A creative, unique, and very loud individual, Claire plans to become a professional writer and work at a publishing company to help other writers publish their own works as well. She loves Dragons and is currently working on an independent studying regarding the image and symbolism of the Dragon in Literature and Film.

Maya Bidegaray is a senior who is majoring in biochemistry. After graduation, she is planning on doing the peace corps and then attending medical school. She even hopes to one day open a free clinic in Latin america. She loves traveling, animals and eating good food. She especially loves Rana’s bomb Indian food. Her favorite thing in the world is her 7 month old dog George. If you ever need some Spanish lessons or a travel buddy, she is your gal!

Diani Alvarenga is majoring in creative writing at North Central College and also has her own bookstagram page that consists of her small writings and book reviews. Her favorite store is Barnes and Noble. She would like to have her writings published one day.

Arden Kurhayez is a senior at North Central College, focusing her studies on Organizational Communication, English, Interactive Media, Speech Communication, and Public Relations.  Aside from 30N, she is involved with both North Central’s book club and first-gen program and is an Account Executive at Cardinal PR, North Central’s public relations firm.  She is also an award-winning researcher in collaboration with a small research team at North Central that studies social media influencers.  Outside of North Central, she is a singer/songwriter and guitarist for the pop/rock band, Double Identity, and is working on writing her first novel.

Tori Meyn is a senior at NCC. She majors in English Studies of Writing and will have her BA in spring ’21.  She is a First Gen. student, as well as a transfer student from College of DuPage. Tori is interested in animals, nature, and food (big foodie). She thrives off of coffee, tattoos, and the trees. Although she majors in English, her life-long dream is to own a homestead and one day write a novel, of a sort, while on this journey.

Thom Hayes is both a senior at North Central College, and the answer to the question: “what if Twin Peaks was a person?”. He is a creative writing major, and a history minor. He is also the editor of The Kindling, North Central College’s humor magazine. Thom grew up in Naperville, and spent the majority of his childhood in the town’s public library. His love of literature currently centers around the genres of weird fiction and cosmic horror. His other hobbies include spending time with his two dogs, playing a variety of musical instruments (including the cello and the bass), building bird feeders and bird-baths out of antique glassware, and collecting old jazz and punk records. Thom’s ultimate goal is to obtain a teaching position in the world of higher education and/or to be a professional novelist.

Zoe Ellis is a sophomore at North Central College, majoring in Writing with a minor in Graphic Design. She plans to keep writing after college and do freelance graphic design work on the side. She has previously been in a literary festival where she got first place on a short fiction story she wrote, and went to a state competition for journalism. She likes to write a variety of different genres, and her favorite type of genre is fantasy.