He was unforgiving and relentless 
Biting her hard, bruising her merciless 
Failing to recognize her desires 
That were mellowed down by his warm breath--
She hated being gnawed and pawed at-
Craved for love and caresses
Dreading the aggressive stripping
She wished for kisses, gentle and loving. 
In the presence of others, he showered her with love,
Holding her close in a tight embrace
But within the four walls of his dark apartment, 
Why did he strip her off like a beast?
Clawing at her soft crevices, drawing blood, 
Marking his territory to say the least.
Every time he undressed her, a part of her died
His gleaming eyes and unfeeling touch made her squirm 
His sleazy fingers made her recoil 
She silently wished for death to end her turmoil 
Vehement licking washed away her tears 
Reducing her to absolute nothingness 
As he finally consumed her, she shed silent tears of happiness 
Thanking the Lord that she wasn't his mate
That she was just a bar of chocolate!

By Debadrita Sur