In the Depth of Longing

Let’s sing, sing, lift our voices high
Sigh our sins, promise never to lie
Red stains the sheets and our tears we try
To stifle. As we ask the sky, why?

Why do we have to fight, every night?
Now our souls aren’t so pure, untainted, white
Like a shadow, you came into the light
And darkened, damaged, our hearts so bright

Wilted roses scattered over the spirited grass
Seem to rival the servile state we have amassed,
In this solemn caste, we watch the days pass
Careful not to fracture like a split seeing glass

Sea of rage, when I look at my sister. Small and sullen,
Seething, I wonder why all our seraphs have fallen.
She a captive doe, I forever in woe, two trapped women.
Calling and stalling and praying and praying

and praying. Invoke the Virgin till I die
Agnus Dei, set us free. How else are we to get by?
Stuck in this fortress of three. I cannot deny
my love for thee, but infidelity is nigh.

Sweetheart, you are simply mistaken
This place is no sanctuary, no garden of Eden
And you are not the god, the guardian
That I once saw in thee. Foul and forsaken 

you are, and we are in longing
For an end to all this praying.
Sacrificial songbirds, silently searching
Waiting for passing to freedom bring. 

Stop this misery, myself pleads
Release us from the shepherd fields