STEM Majors and Following Your Dreams

Dear Readers and fellow STEM majors,

        As I write this letter, two weeks before I graduate and say goodbye to 30 North, I can’t help but reflect on some of the pieces that I’ve read during the process of putting together this journal. A lot of our contributors are on their way to pursue a career in STEM -one of the fields that is dubbed “acceptable” in today’s society.  So we go on about the mundane routine of writing lab reports, doing calculus, and writing insane amounts of code that only works when you least expect it to. We’re hoping to have this epiphany, this “AHA!” moment where it all clicks, and we stop doubting ourselves and live the life we constantly daydream of. It’s easier for us to consume dangerous amounts of caffeine and pull as many all nighters as humanly possible, than it is to rebel and pursue that one thing we feel so called to pursue because the thought of that uncertainty just doesn’t sit right with us. 

        But that’s what following your dreams is all about, isn’t it? It’s about exploring new unknowns and territories despite the fear and hesitation, despite knowing that pursuing your passion isn’t always going to be a positive experience. Because when you follow your dreams, you will have some major setbacks along the way, there is absolutely no denying that. So, whether you’re a STEM major who’s passionate about writing or music or art (of any kind) and are pursuing STEM because it seems like the stable option, or if you’re like me, and are equally passionate about STEM and art, I want you to know that there will never be the right time to do things perfectly.  There’s nothing worth giving up your passions for. You have to keep going. You have to celebrate the small moments of joy that your dreams bring you, and you must hold onto them. As you do, remember that no matter how impossible or tough following your dreams might be, you are stronger. Your pieces are such an important part of this journal and your talent is irreplaceable, so please keep creating.

Best wishes,

Rana Hussain

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