Let us remember that we are dust,
Under the dismal Texas sky.
That we are absolutely nothing here,
If not a fistful of Lima beans,
A couple of loose dollars,
Or a case of cold beers.

Have you ever felt how parched the grass gets 
In the summer. The way that it crumbles,
Like a stale scone,
Under the weight of your back.
As you look at the stars,
The blades crumble down,
To dust.
That will flurry into the depths of the earth.
How undeniably human,
To crumble under the weight of the world.

“Where were you when I laid the foundations-
Of the earth. When the morning stars-
sang together?”

To you and I, the gravity of ourselves 
Is enough to weigh us down,
To hold us together.
Of all the things we can hold in the hand,
It will never be enough for this place
Who lit this flame in us?
The one that cannot ever be extinguished
One that will burn, burn,
Right down to the center of the earth,
As we remember that we are dust,
And to dust, we shall return

By Graham Hammond